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The NHS AI Lab

Accelerating the safe adoption of artificial intelligence in health and care

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to make a significant difference in health and care settings through its ability to analyse large quantities of complex information. We’re already seeing great applications of AI technology, and more work is underway to fully harness its benefits and use AI safely and ethically at scale.

The NHS Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (NHS AI Lab) was created to address that challenge by bringing together government, health and care providers, academics and technology companies. If you work in AI for health and care, get involved by joining our AI Virtual Hub.

NHS AI Lab programmes

The NHS AI Lab creates an environment for collaboration and co-creation by bringing together programmes that address the barriers to developing and deploying AI systems in health and care. This will unlock the potential of AI to revolutionise healthcare, whilst ensuring we can determine the right guidance and regulations to protect patients.

We are working in partnership with several government and NHS partners. We are also engaging with the people developing and using AI, as well as members of the public potentially benefitting from it. To find out more, visit NHS AI Lab: Get involved.

AI resources

Explore our guidance, case studies, reports and blog posts to find out about challenges faced by individuals and organisations working with AI in health and care and discover their solutions and best practice.