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Mia mammography intelligent assessment


Applying deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) to breast cancer screening.


Kheiron medical technologies is a recipient of phase 4 funding via the AI in Health and Care Awards.

Core themes: Cancer, screening, medical imaging.

AI used: Mia is built using convoluted neural networks, a form of deep learning, and has been trained on over 3 million images from multiple sites.


Mia™, or mammography intelligent assessment, is designed to analyse standard mammograms for breast cancer screening. It is the first product developed by a UK company, Kheiron Medical, to receive the CE mark for deep learning software in radiology.

Currently in the NHS (and most of Europe), every mammogram is double-checked by radiologists, typically with the second opinion blind to the first. The process is thorough but labour-intensive and with not enough people in the system, it leads to delays for women.

How does the AI product work?

Mia has been designed to be the second reader in the workflow, so there is always a human in the loop. Should Mia and the first human reader disagree, a second human gets the final call, meaning radiologists will always have authority over the AI. Using AI technology for the second screening frees up clinicians to spend time with patients, reduces the pressure to find more radiologists and has the potential to screen greater numbers of women more quickly.

Developing AI-driven technologies products like Mia to provide accurate assessments for any patient, means using a huge amount of data. Mia has been built using convoluted neural networks, a form of deep learning that has involved being trained on over 3 million images from multiple sites. Using funding from the AI in Health and Care Award, Mia will go through multiple deployments and clinical studies across 15 hospital sites in the UK to ensure it is safe, effective and will benefit breast screening units, and the women who attend them.

One of the worst parts of the breast screening experience is the waiting for those results. It’s a black time when you are nervous, anxious. Anything that will shorten that period of anxiety would provide huge relief and peace of mind for women who attend screening. And most of those women won’t have cancer so it’s an unnecessary 2-3 weeks of stress for them.

Mary Beth Chalk, breast cancer survivor and Kheiron Medical Technologies Advisor.

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