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NHS AI Virtual Hub

Building a community of practice

The NHS AI Lab Virtual Hub is a community space for people to interact and share knowledge and ideas about AI (artificial intelligence) technology in health and social care.

We welcome AI developers, data scientists, NHS clinicians and those who are looking to adopt or deploy data-driven tools. You can register to join the hub on the FutureNHS platform.

By bringing together this AI community, we hope to:

  • accelerate the development of the most valuable innovations
  • find solutions to common problems
  • share expertise and lessons learned
  • support the adoption of artificial intelligence for health and care
  • generate a mutual understanding of best practice.

We use this space to help test out thinking, provide shared resources and opportunities, and to invite contributions to the main programmes of the NHS AI Lab.

What's on the hub?

The AI Virtual Hub provides a shared knowledge space with other like-minded professionals. It also offers webinars, ‘Show ‘n’ Tell’ sessions for AI-driven technologies, funding and training opportunities and collaboration requests.

Winners of the AI in Health and Care Award will be telling their story and sharing their journeys to-date, providing top tips on use case definition, implementation and evaluation.

Also envisaged are areas where members can ‘post a problem’, share case studies and best practice, and ask the NHS AI Lab team about any issues that matter to them on the safe and ethical deployment of AI.

Register to become a member of the AI Virtual Hub.

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