Transformation Directorate

Terms of use - iPad offer

When applying for iPads from NHSX, care homes must read and agree to the following terms of use:

Ownership of the iPad

iPads will be gifted to care homes which are eligible to receive one. The registered manager, or next most senior staff member of the care home will be responsible for the iPad and its usage. The iPads, related mobile device management and any bundled 12 month data package will, once gifted, become the asset of the care home and NHSX will have no ongoing responsibilities or obligations. 

Usage agreement

Please read and agree to this revised clause.

Use of the iPads 

The recipient care home should use the donated iPads to support the delivery of care to residents. The iPads should primarily be used for remote consultations with health and social care colleagues (for example, video calls with GPs). The iPads may also be used for care planning, remote monitoring, electronic medication administration, and other applications to support residents’ care.

The iPads may be used by care home residents to communicate with loved ones, or for other social activities, only when in Guided Access mode. However, use of the iPads to support the delivery of care and for communicating with health and social care professionals should be prioritised over social use. 

The iPads are not medical devices and should not be used for diagnostic purposes without the advice of a qualified medical professional.

The iPads are not intended for staff members’ personal use. 

The iPads must be used in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and should only be used according to product instructions and the terms of service. 

Data protection

Recipient care homes will be responsible for managing all data stored on the iPads and must ensure they adhere to relevant information governance and information sharing guidance (including any local or organisational guidance) and they must process personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). A Data Protection Impact Assessment should be undertaken for managing and sharing residents’ personal data. 

iPads will be supplied with a protective, cleanable case. Recipient care homes should ensure they adhere to infection control measures and decontaminate the equipment, in line with applicable guidance.

Security and data packages

All iPads will be supplied with Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) software to cover the first 12 months of use following receipt. This software will provide security and enable device troubleshooting (for more information about UEM, visit Mobile Device Management). Ongoing costs for the UEM software may be transferred to the care home at the end of the 12-month period, if requested by the care home. No later than nine months after receiving the iPad, the iPad supplier will provide recipient care homes with further advice and instructions for continuing the UEM contract, along with information about alternative security packages. 

Where recipient care homes have reported unreliable wifi connections or connectivity issues on the order form, iPads will be supplied with a data-enabled SIM. The data package will be provided free of charge for a period of 12 months. The SIM/data package may be transferred to the care home at the end of the 12-month period if requested by the care home. No later than nine months into the 12-month period, NHSX will provide the recipient care home with further advice and instructions for continuing the data package, along with information about other connectivity options.

Setting up the iPads

Recipient care homes should activate/set up the iPads within four working days of receiving them and use the iPad on at least a weekly basis thereafter. 

If the recipient care home encounters difficulties setting up or using the iPads, it is the care homes’ responsibility to seek advice and assistance via the support package. All recipient care homes should nominate a staff member to lead on setting up the iPads and supporting staff members to use the equipment. 

The iPads will come with pre-installed applications and bookmarks, including a link to the NHSmail log-in page, the MS Teams app, AppleCare, and a link to the Digital Social Care website. Recipient care homes will be permitted to download additional applications from the curated App Store, however some social media applications will not be accessible. 

Warranty limitations - breakages and faults

The cost of any breakages or issues that fall outside of the iPad warranty will be the responsibility of the recipient care home. 

The cost of any faults that fall under the warranty for the iPads and software, as well as for any iPads damaged during delivery, will be met by the iPad supplier.

Privacy statement for the iPad order form and UEM software

Within the order form, NHSX will collect relevant personal data including a contact name, telephone number, email address, care home location address, and details of the nominated ‘digital champion’ (staff member who will support the iPad set up), as part of the donation agreement between NHSX and the recipient care home. NHSX will not collect or process any sensitive personal data. 

Information provided by care homes within the order form will be shared with NHS and local authority partners to assist the local allocation of iPads and the delivery of health and social care services.

All data provided through the order form will be stored securely by NHSX, the local authority and NHS partners during the project. At the end of the project, NHSX will remove all personal data (contact names, telephone numbers, email addresses) from the order form responses. NHSX will provide local authority and NHS partners with anonymised datasets for local service planning and research purposes. 

Information about iPad usage will be collected via the UEM software pre-installed on the iPad, and will be shared with NHSX, the local authority and NHS partners to ensure care homes receive additional set-up support where required, and for research purposes. Data collected may include information about when the iPads have been activated, how long the iPads are being used for, and which applications are being used. No personal data will be collected through the UEM software. Information about iPad usage will cease to be collected if the recipient care home does not continue the UEM contract after the initial 12-month period. No information collected via the UEM software will be shared with NHSX, the local authority and NHS partners beyond the initial 12-months.