Transformation Directorate

Eligibility criteria - iPad offer

Eligibility criteria 

Which care homes will receive a tablet device?

Prioritisation of the devices will be to care homes in England that:

  • Receive all or some of their funding for residential care from the NHS or from a local authority.
  • Apply for a device using our order form.
  • Have less than one tablet device per 40 residents.

Care homes without any tablet devices

  •  Care homes with fewer than 40 residents will qualify for one tablet device.
  •  Care homes with 40 or more residents will qualify for two tablet devices.

Any remaining devices will be distributed to care homes according to assessed local need. 

Which care homes will receive a tablet device with a data-enabled SIM card (for internet access)?

Care homes will qualify for a SIM card, included with the tablet device if they have:

  • A poor or patchy WiFi connection.
  • No WiFi connection.

How do care homes find out about the offer and apply for a device? 

We plan to deliver the devices to care homes by:

  • Sharing information about the offer to encourage care homes to apply. 
  • Working closely with our network, including care home providers, NHS organisations and local authorities.