Transformation Directorate

NHS AI Lab roadmap

Charting the progress of the NHS AI Lab's work, and key activities from the regulatory bodies we support, to ensure the development and adoption of safe, effective and ethical AI in health and care.

What we're working on

Investigating the potential of AI

We are exploring the opportunities and implications of AI adoption, and evaluating its outcomes.

  • Available now

  • Coming soon

    • Pilot AI Deployment Platform which is testing a cloud-based platform to see if it can help accelerate the deployment of AI technologies
    • Deliver AI Diagnostic Fund, which is providing £21 million to the NHS to purchase AI diagnostic tools
    • Virtual data decision tool will be introduced that will support developers to identify what research consent approvals they require for their research
    • Secure data environment will be established by HRA to enable developers to access data for training where assessment risk is classified as low
    • Evaluation reports on the success of AI technologies in the AI Award programme
  • On the horizon

    • Results from the AI Award evaluation, which will help better informed commissioning of AI
    • ARIAS project - evidence to support the commissioning and deployment of Automated Retinal Image Analysis Systems (ARIAS) for widespread use within the NHS Diabetic Screening Programme

Building confidence and demonstrating trustworthiness

We are supporting the adoption of AI by providing learning opportunities to increase confidence and researching ways to minimise the potential risks

Clarifying who does what

Helping AI developers, adopters, commissioners and the public to navigate the regulations, guidelines and incident reporting around AI for health and care.

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