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NHS England PhD Data Science internship scheme for innovation and analytics in health

Applications for the next phase of the scheme (for placements in 2024) are open from 4th December 2023.

Internship scheme webinar

In support of our internship scheme, Health Data Research UK hosted a special NHS-led webinar on 19 October 2022.

During the webinar, the scheme was presented and interns from waves 2 and 3 will discussed their research and experiences.

The webinar is available to watch on the HDRUK event page.

The Digital Analytics and Research Team (DART) data science internship scheme is to connect NHS real data with academic thought and research through short-term PhD internships. Evidence based academic research is of great value to the NHS and this collaboration allows insights to be acted upon in a real-life setting. For the student and university, the internship is an opportunity to work on and support real time research analytics in an industrial setting, with access to NHS data, which may ultimately impact on patient services.

If you’re a PhD student working in a quantitative discipline and want to apply your knowledge whilst gaining experience of creating solutions within health and care settings, you're who we’re looking for. The internship is fully funded at an NHS Agenda for Change band 6 level with the project period covering between 3 and 5 months. Please see the information and instructions for the application process.  

Our aim is to build on previous learning whilst having an avenue for including the latest research and approaches. Where possible we will work in an open and transparent way ensuring learning is shared and insights made available for others to reproduce. At the end of the project the applicant will submit a final report suitable for publication in open literature and presentations to NHS England of their results, including their experience of the project. The nature of the output will depend on the specific project.

Key priorities of the internship will be:

  • safe and appropriate use of NHS data
  • to producing a balanced outcome for both the student and NHS England, with useable outputs
  • to provide the students with experience of completing a live business project
  • to provide the NHS with an avenue to experience current research and ideas
  • to kick-start or accelerate current projects and ideas
  • to build a long term programme with developing research areas

The role

The successful candidate will occupy a role within the NHS England Digital Analytics and Research Team for between 3 and 5 months. During the internship the candidate will be expected to progress their chosen project autonomously with supervision from colleagues in the analytics unit as well as their current academic supervisor. The candidate will be expected to be focussed on the project and self-driven during the internship period, providing regular updates on progress and issues.

Within the topic area of the chosen project, there will be some freedom to direct the development of the research and knowledge but this will also need to be balanced against creating a learning outcome or tangible output, that benefits the PhD scheme objectives and is in a shareable state for future projects to pick up and continue the development.

As the candidate will be an NHS England employee during the internship period, standard employment checks and some mandatory training are required.

Key aims for the intern will be to progress the research project ensuring learning and outcomes are shareable with NHS England and where appropriate made suitable for publication.

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