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Dashboards and datasets

Dashboards relevant to NHSX's programme of work

Below is a non-exhaustive list of dashboards relevant to the digital transformation agenda. These have been developed by NHS organisations or arms-length bodies. Some of these dashboards will require to log in to see them.

NHS Pathways coronavirus triage (NHSD)

Area: 111 for COVID-19

View the NHS Pathways Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dashboard

NHS VideoConsult roll out (NHSE/I)

Area: Secondary Care VC

View this dataset on the Okta website. You will need an Okta account and extra permissions to view it. 

EPS Go Lives report (NHSD)

Area: EPS

View or download requires a PowerBI account and access granting from For ESRr2 Lives, there is a public CSV report available.

National EPS statistics dashboard (NHSD)

Area: EPS

An open access, public CSV is available.

Summary Care Record Additional Information (SCR-AI) dashboard (NHSD)

Area: Summary Care Records

Open access to the SCR-AI report.

Weekly SCR viewing figures

Area: Summary Care Records

Open access to the SCR viewing figures.

Summary Care Record in community pharmacy viewing report

Area: Summary Care Records

Open access to the community pharmacy viewing report.

NHS App dashboard (NHSE/I)

Area: NHS App

View or download the NHS App dashboard. You will need an Okta account.

COVID-19 content and get a coronavirus test

Area: COVID-19 content

Open access to the content dashboard. You will need access to be granted for download.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) increase in use of NHS Digital tech

Area: Citizen-facing tools

Open access to the NHS Digital tech dashboard.

Splunk citizen health technology COVID-19 reporting dashboard for, NHS login, 111 online, NHS App

Area: Citizen-facing tools

View or download the Splunk citizen health technology data. You will need access to be granted by NHS Digital.  

Appointments in general practice (NHSD experimental statistics)

Area: Appointments in general practice

Open access to the general practice data.

Public datasets

Below is an initial listing of publicly available datasets relevant to NHSX’s programme of work where data is available for download. This may be as aa CSV or a zipped folder, either as the full dataset or an extract. This list is complementary to the above list of dashboards. In some instances dashboards are available but it is not possible to publicly download the underlying data (such as SCR-AI). In some other instances datasets are made available but do not currently have an identified accompanying dashboard.

POMI publication + iPlato

Download the POMI data 

BSA prescription data (EPS)

Download BSA prescription data

EPS items, utilisation (EPS and eRD)

Download the EPS data 

EPSr2 go lives and nominations

Download the go lives and nominations data

NHS 111 minimum dataset

Download the NHS 111 data

COVID-19 symptoms, NHS pathways (111 and 999 telephony)

Download the COVID-19 symptoms data 

GPIT Digital Maturity Assurance directions CCG questionnaire

Download the Digital Maturity Assurance data

GP appointments publication

Download the GP appointments data 

Patients registered at a general practice

Download the registered patients data

e-Referral service

Download the e-Referral data

Digital Maturity Assessment (2015 to 2016 and 2017)

Download the Digital Maturity Assessment data

Cybersecurity: Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) - latest organisational status

Download the DSPT data

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