Transformation Directorate

Elective recovery tech fund

Supporting the NHS to accelerate the uptake of digitally supported care in planned, or “elective”, care pathways

Our strategy for technology in health and care is to digitise, connect and transform services. This fund will be used to help NHS organisations to transform pathways, supported by innovative digital technologies.

The new elective recovery tech fund has been established to support organisations across the NHS in England to accelerate the uptake of digitally supported care and offer it to more patients. The focus is supporting people having surgery and in need of specialist advice. Up to £250 million has been made available to Integrated Care Systems in this financial year. The fund is intended to improve patients' experience and health outcomes across planned care, or elective, pathways. This funding is part of a £700 million Targeted Investment Fund the purpose of which is to speed up elective recovery and tackle waiting lists.

This year, the fund will be supporting over 400 projects that will:

  • increase home-based pre-surgical support to help improve preparation for surgery as well as outcomes for patients
  • support early discharge and home rehabilitation
  • increase the use of patient facing tools for communications and more personalised follow-up care
  • deploy digital solutions to streamline elective administrative processes

These pages outline the benefits this investment will make to patients across the country. If you’d like to join a community of peers implementing these types of solutions then please join our Innovation Collaborative for Digital Health FutureNHS group where there is a section dedicated to digital elective recovery. Simply email to join.

Digital products that can assist in elective recovery

We have made available a list of digital products that can assist in elective recovery.

Elective recovery in the regions