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Elective recovery in the Midlands

Across Leicestershire teams are extending the remote monitoring service over 132 GP practices and to cover an additional 12 pathways of care. This will allow more patients with chronic conditions to benefit from remote monitoring services, with their clinical teams safely keeping track of them in the comfort of their own home.

Barry James, a retired university lecturer living with heart failure, speaks of his experience with remote monitoring services. He has been supported by community heart failure nurses in Leicester to use technology from Spirit Health to monitor his condition at home. Over the last 9 months, he has gone from daily monitoring to once per week. He is a big fan of the service, finding that the technology combined with nurse support has given him extra reassurance and confidence:

“It reassures me, my wife and my family. I feel more able to manage my heart failure as I have learnt what’s normal for me, as I have recorded my data.”

You can hear more about Barry’s story in episode 2 of the NHSX podcast series.