Transformation Directorate

Mental health pathway

A step by step guide to the mental health pathway

  1. Primary care / Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT)

    Availability of mental health services and interventions in primary care to support patients at an early stage and to provide advice and guidance for people experiencing a relapse or needing to re-enter secondary services

  2. Referral management

    Provide advice and guidance and electronic referrals easily to support primary care professionals managing patients in the community

  3. Community/Outpatients

    Community based multidisciplinary teams to provide coordinated care to patients

  4. Inpatient

    Use of innovative interventions and activities to ensure access to the right range of patient care to improve patient outcomes and experience in hospital

  5. Speciality specific services

    Ensuring patients have access to speciality specific services and interventions that can meet the specific needs of people of all ages

  6. Crisis services

    All populations have access to a range of crisis services that meets the diverse range of needs and preferences suitable to the level of urgency in a timely fashion

  7. Mental health in physical health settings

    Provision of integrated care and joined up care around individuals through shared care approaches and joint management arrangements

  8. Holistic management and self care

    Providing accurate information and supporting people to manage their own condition to prevent worsening of disease and improve outcomes