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Project OASIS

The OASIS project collects data from third party app-providers to help the NHS respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The project has been established between NHSX and the jHub

During the COVID-19 pandemic, third party Data Collectors (academics and commercial entities) have been collecting data through apps and websites, commonly known as Symptom Tracking apps.

These apps encourage citizens to submit their symptoms and basic demographic data.

jHub have been commissioned to manage these third party apps, work with them to achieve assurance against the NHS standards and securely share their data with the NHS whilst protecting users privacy.

How data is collected, anonymised and protected

The OASIS project is collecting data that is required by the NHS to understand the spread of COVID-19 at a national and local level, it is not looking at individual citizens or their individual medical needs.

Data Collectors will be sending OASIS selected data around symptoms experienced (e.g. fever, temperature, coughs). OASIS will not be receiving, or requesting, data that can identify individuals (e.g. names or GPS specific location data). jHub, acting as the Data Processor, will take further steps to ensure the data received is anonymised.

Upholding data anonymity and data quality is a core principle of OASIS. Data Collectors send data to the secure OASIS platform. The data is then processed by jHub to erase information and any free text which may inadvertently identify users. The data is then checked for any security issues and if any erroneous data is identified, this will also be erased.

Project OASIS is subject to strict controls that meet the requirements of data protection legislation. All data received is encrypted in both transit and storage. Furthermore, all Data Collectors have confirmed that sharing data for Project OASIS is aligned with their privacy policy and data protection obligations.  

The OASIS platform has been subject to extensive review from a cyber security perspective.

Symptom Tracking apps working with the NHS

We are only working with apps that have been assessed to the NHS Digital Health Technology Standard or against the Digital Assessment Questionnaire (DAQ).

We are grateful to the App Providers, listed below, for supporting the NHS. We will update this list regularly.

  1. Agitate Ink C-19
  2. C-19 COVID Symptom Study provided by the BREATHE Health Data Research Hub for Respiratory Health, in partnership with its trusted research environment, the SAIL Databank
  3. Connected Cognition -
  4. Corona-Help.UK
  5. Evergreen Life
  6. Let's Beat COVID-19
  7. TrackTogether
  8. Your.MD