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Launching the adult social care technology innovation and digital skills reviews

Today sees the publication of two important reviews on technology innovation and digital skills in adult social care. Rachel Falconer (Policy Lead on Skills and Evidence) reflects on the key findings…

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Using technology to put people at the heart of care

Today the Department of Health and Social Care has published its White Paper People at the Heart of Care which outlines the 10-year vision for reform of the sector. Alice Ainsworth, deputy director f…

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Supporting social care providers to adopt care technologies through a new investment fund

Alice Ainsworth, deputy director for adult social care technology policy, sets out NHSX’s support for the sector this winter, including a new investment fund of £8 millionOn 18 October, we launched a…

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Tackling the elephant in the room: fear of sharing information

National digital transformation projects such as the GP proxy access programme are having a transformative effect on joining up care and improving both outcomes and choices for young patients and ser…

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A single data strategy to unite the system and save more lives

Our strategy “Data Saves Lives: Reshaping Health and Care with Data” is published today. It sets out a clear vision and a powerful action plan to create a truly 21st century health and care system wh…

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Building the evidence base for digital innovation and capability in adult social care

NHSX recently commissioned Ipsos MORI and the Institute of Public Care (IPC) at Oxford Brookes University to conduct two related reviews: one on social care technology innovations and one on digital …

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A market for digital social care record solutions

As NHSX launches a Dynamic Purchasing System for digital social care records, Peter Skinner (Assistant Director of Programmes) and Claire Hessey (Programme Manager - Market Management and Standards) …

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Towards seamless working across health and care

Social care is increasingly able to access the vital information essential for better, safer care based on a holistic view of a person from the very start of the care relationship. As social care tun…

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Connecting care providers this winter

Ian James, Deputy Chair, NHSX Joining Up Care Strategic Oversight Board and Care and Health Improvement Adviser Digital, LGA and Iain O’Neil, Digital Transformation Director at NHSX, discuss the impo…

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