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COVID Pass deal simplifies European travel

International travel has become even safer and simpler following an agreement between the UK and EU to digitally verify each other’s COVID vaccination certificates. 

Currently most EU countries accept the UK’s COVID vaccine certificates but only a few are able to scan them. This agreement will allow the UK and all EU member states to digitally verify their respective citizens’ COVID vaccination status using the EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC) gateway. It will make it easier for UK citizens to get into museums, restaurants and other venues requiring proof of vaccination across the EU.  

The agreement also provides safe and secure access to non-EU countries linked to the EU DCC gateway such as Norway, Switzerland, Israel and Iceland. 

It benefits all UK residents, including those with the NHS COVID Pass (England and Wales) and those with certificates provided by Northern Ireland, Scotland and the Crown Dependencies.

NHS COVID Pass users should refresh digital travel passes they have downloaded to their Apple Wallet or as PDFs to ensure they are up to date when visiting the EU member states and other countries linked to the EU DCC gateway.

Matthew Gould, CEO of NHSX, which is leading the NHS COVID Pass Programme, said:

The UK was one of the first countries to launch a digital pass solution, and the NHS COVID Pass is already recognised by over 80 countries and territories across the world.

“This news will add yet more countries to that list, simplifying international travel for COVID Pass users and enabling digital verification across Europe and beyond.”