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NHS England - Transformation Directorate

Get started with digital and technology assurance

To get started with digital and technology assurance, we need you to answer these questions about your project:

  1. In a few words, what do you need to achieve with your project?
  2. Are you planning to build something? Or to buy something?
  3. If you know what you are building or buying, please give a brief description.
  4. Who do you expect your key users to be?
  5. Which organisation is your project funding coming from?
  6. If you already know this, how much is your project expected to cost?
  7. How long is your project expected to run? If you are buying a product, how long will it take to configure?

Send your answers

Email your answers to

Please add "Build" or "Buy" in the subject line, depending whether you’re building something or buying something.