NHS England - Transformation Directorate

Renal pathway

A step by step guide to the renal pathway

  1. Primary care

    Digital solutions for early access to diagnostics and advice for primary care. This includes support for staff with guidance, communication tools and image sharing.

  2. Referral, advice, guidance and triage

    Digital solutions to ensure patients are referred and triaged appropriately. This helps patients see the right clinician sooner and GPs are given the right information.

  3. Diagnostics

    Digital solutions to see, investigate and diagnose patients quickly in ways that are convenient for them and the clinical team. Clinical information is obtained and shared with the right system for better patient care.

  4. Outpatients and specialist follow-up

    Making sure patients can access specialist clinical advice and suitable interventions when they need it. These digital solutions also help clinicians easily communicate with primary care staff about changes and interventions.

  5. Inpatient and surgery

    Digital solutions for virtual tests and pre-operative assessments, supplemented by patient-reported outcome measures.

  6. Community and shared care

    Digital solutions to help patients manage their condition closer to home after diagnosis and treatment.

  7. Supported self-care

    Digital solutions to help patients and carers to understand and manage conditions better.

  8. Patient-initiated follow-up

    Digital solutions to help patients access the clinical team when they need to. These also empower patients to record their symptoms or changes and share them virtually with their clinical team.