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Gastroenterology pathway

A step by step guide to the gastroenterology pathway

  1. Primary care

    Early access to diagnostics and advice for primary care, including support for staff with advice, communication tools and image sharing.

  2. Referral management

    Ensuring the right referral is placed, for the right patient at the right time with the right information provided to the GP.

  3. Triage

    Streamlining triaging and ensuring that the referral is actioned appropriately with reduced clinician and administrative burden.

  4. Initial management and diagnosis

    Patients can be seen, investigated and diagnosed in a timely manner in a way that is convenient for them with the appropriate amount of support.

  5. Specialist follow-up

    Ensuring patients have access to specialist clinical advice and interventions suitable to the level of urgency in a timely fashion. Ensuring clinicians can communicate easily with primary care staff about changes and interventions.

  6. Patient self-management

    Providing patients with a means of engaging and understanding how to manage their own condition to prevent worsening of disease and improve outcomes.

  7. Home monitoring

    Undertaking important tests from home to monitor disease control without having to travel to a hospital or GP practice.