Transformation Directorate

Eye care pathway

A step by step guide to the eye care pathway

  1. Primary care

    Support for primary care professionals managing patients in the community; including access to rapid advice as well as clinical data and images from secondary care

  2. Referral, advice and guidance

    Support for optometrists and other primary care professionals referring into secondary eye care and enabling feedback on referrals

  3. Diagnostics

    Obtaining, managing, and sharing clinical investigation data and images in diagnostic networks

  4. Outpatients

    Delivering efficient patient-centred outpatient appointments

  5. Day surgery

    Pre-operative assessments, day of surgery efficiency and collection of post-operative clinical and patient reported outcome measures

  6. Community and shared care

    Support for shared care between primary, community and secondary eye care health professionals, with easy access to advice and guidance and virtual second opinions

  7. Supported self-care

    Providing accurate information and supporting people to manage their own eye condition