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Remote monitoring of patients with heart failure and hypertension

All Together Better Sunderland is an alliance of local health and social care services working as an integrated ‘out of hospital’ system. By working in a much more joined up way, it supports Sunderland residents with long-term illness, health problems, mental health issues and disabilities. The service enables them to access care as close to home as possible and live healthy, independent lives.


The alliance wanted to find a digital solution which would enable hundreds of elderly and vulnerable people in self-isolation to receive healthcare support with the use of home care technology.


To create the Recovery-at-Home service so that healthcare practitioners can remotely monitor patients at home. This would help reduce hospital admissions and A&E visits from the most vulnerable patients.

Solution and impact

Sunderland piloted Luscii - a platform designed for people with long-term progressive diseases, such as heart failure, hypertension and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Luscii allows patients to monitor their vital signs (such as blood pressure, heart rate, weight and mood) and condition, and speak remotely to their clinical team using chat or video calls. Patients can stay at home and book virtual appointments to assist recovery and have access to a range of resources to help them monitor their own conditions.

All Together Better first launched the app as a pilot scheme in March 2020. Fifty patients from its Recovery-at-Home service were given an iPad with the Luscii app installed. When the UK went into lockdown due to COVID-19, the All Together Better team expanded the use of its product, providing support to a further 250 patients after working closely with telecoms specialist Nice Network.


  • In May 2020, good engagement from the 62 patients enrolled on the platform
  • 1,813 vital signs readings were submitted by patients with 5% of these flagging red alerts, which resulted in 133 video calls between the community nursing team and patients
  • Patients’ health conditions tracked at home so they did not have to go into hospital
  • Reduced face-to-face contact between clinicians and patients, allowing for continuity of care during the pandemic
  • Enhanced patient care through early intervention in case of patient deterioration
  • Patients coached and empowered to become more independent with a range of resources to help them monitor their conditions


Luscii is a smartphone / tablet application that allows home measurement, education and contact with healthcare practitioners.


  • Supporting remote healthcare
  • Access to a range of condition-monitoring resources
  • Booking virtual appointments


  • To monitor vital signs and conditions at home
  • For remote consultations or home monitoring

Key figures/quotes

“Luscii also helps with patients’ general health and wellbeing, giving them the option to download apps that can support healthy eating, and connecting with others to reduce loneliness – something that was particularly relevant during the UK’s lockdown when patients were unable to leave their homes.”  
Dr Martin Weatherhead, chair of All Together Better.

Find out more

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Key contact

Dr Martin Weatherhead, chair of All Together Better

Nicola Kirkley, operations manager, South Tyneside and Sunderland Foundation Trust