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Health and care videos to provide advice and guidance

Patients are increasingly interested in managing their health conditions whilst feeling empowered to self-care.


Social distancing measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has meant health and care teams have had to implement and optimise technologies to enable remote support for patients.


Provide education of patients and caregivers, empowering them to better understand and manage relevant aspects of their condition.

Solution and impact

Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust has partnered with Health and Care Innovations (HCI) to offer a library of more than 600 patient advice videos in 135 different specialties. The purpose of the videos is to support clinical teams with verified patient information, as well as enable patients to view useful information in the comfort of their own homes.

The library is assured by NHS clinicians and offers advice on a wide range of health conditions, topics and procedures, to complement existing outpatient advice and guidance and pre-assessment appointments.

As well as providing advice and guidance, consenting information and training, the library helps answer questions and protect vulnerable patients who may be unable to attend face-to-face appointments.

In partnership with HCI, Torbay has modified a number of pathways to streamline the number of face-to-face appointments that patients need to attend. There were previously two appointments in advance of an angiogram. Torbay reduced the number of appointments per pathway by creating a video entitled ‘Having an angiogram’ as well as two videos describing the procedure to implant a LINQ cardiac monitor and how to use it in the post-operative period.


  • Reduced outpatient advice and guidance appointments
  • Reusable video resources for pathway transformation in other Trusts
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced necessary staff training
  • Patients better understand their conditions and are able to manage their care at home


Video library available via web browser and mobile application.


Collection of videos in the health and care sector in the UK.


Patient information videos can be accessed from any location.

Key figures/quotes

  • 22% reduction in cardiac outpatient appointments per week
  • 85% reduction in cardiac nurse time to provide guidance

Further information

Key contact

Richard Wyatt-Haines, director, HCI