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NHS England - Transformation Directorate

Frontline staff

Our vision: staff will have easy access to the right information to provide the best possible care

As a member of health and adult social care staff, I will have:

  • systems that provide quick and easy access to information about the individuals in my care, even if they have been treated or supported elsewhere. This will:
    • give me the data to make the right decisions and recommendations about their individual care
    • reduce the time looking for information so I can spend more time with the individuals I am caring for
  • all relevant information about individuals in my care, including if they wish to share information about their sleep or physical activity from wearable devices, so I can have informed conversations about their individual care
  • confidence about when and how I should access data, giving me confidence that I am respecting data privacy, so that I feel empowered to access data for the benefit of individuals in my care and for the running of the system, such as for wider population health and proactive care
  • full information about other professionals or unpaid carers involved in supporting individuals in my care so that I understand the whole situation and I can have the right conversations about care.

Key commitments to achieve this include:

  • the development of a national information governance transformation plan, focusing on practical data-sharing situations, creating professional standards and addressing training for frontline staff (by December 2022)
  • the assurance that every integrated care system will need to ensure that all organisations are able to access a shared care record that meets the requirements set out in the standards roadmap, enabling individuals, their approved caregivers and their care team to view and contribute to the record (by December 2024)
  • the introduction of a system-wide target for the rationalisation of data collections, to reduce the time spent by health and care staff inputting and processing data for national use (end of 2022 and reviewed annually).