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What we do

The Centre for Improving Data Collaboration

If you attended our introductory webinar on 19th November 2020 or have watched the recording above, please complete our survey. Alternatively you can get in touch via email.

Our main areas of focus are as follows:

Realising the value of health data assets 

  • Determining how value from health data assets should be derived, across both financial and ‘in kind’ value return.
  • Enhancing the value return from health data assets through innovative approaches to data collection and curation. 
  • Understanding how value can be realised and distributed across the health and care system to support health equality.

Providing support and enhancing capability 

  • Developing a tiered support offer for a range of health data owners, delivered according to a prioritisation framework. 
  • Building capability through an operating model for negotiations, empowering data owners through provision of support ranging from ‘off the shelf’ guidance to bespoke advice. 
  • Determining where potential for collaboration exists, and driving transparency to facilitate cross sector working.

Catalysing thought leadership 

  • Shaping of the health innovation landscape to drive equity within and across data sharing partnerships. 
  • Continually building evidence to support the Centre’s approach and ensure its thinking is aligned with current research and academic enquiry. 
  • Identifying and addressing relevant gaps in policy and legislation that can enable further data partnerships and ensure adherence to the Office for Life Science five principles for data sharing. 

Working with key stakeholders

  • Engaging with patients and the public to integrate their insights into the governance and terms of data sharing partnerships, engendering trust in these arrangements.
  • Supporting healthcare professionals to explore potential partnerships, and feel confident that data sharing will positively impact their patients and the care they provide them.
  • Working to understand the experience of the technology and life sciences industry in data sharing partnerships, and give them a voice in discussions on health data access and use. 

Supporting NHSX’s vision and missions

  • Providing support to NHSX’s innovation functions, including the AI Lab and Innovation Lab, to support their commercialisation and Intellectual Property allocation. 
  • Collaborating with the Data Strategy team to integrate data value considerations and access approaches into NHSX’s strategic vision.

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