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Programme priorities

The Respiratory Adoption Fund priorities were agreed with input and feedback from the programme's Advisory Group. This group is made up of national clinical, NHS England and charity sector leaders and patient voice representatives. The priorities were then ratified by internal governance processes.

When you apply for the Adoption Fund, please select one of the below priorities:

  1. Digital innovation that supports the annual review of asthma
  2. Digital innovation that supports patient self-management of asthma

These priorities align with ambitions in the Long Term Plan, which identifies respiratory disease as a priority and commits to support asthma patients to manage their own health. The two priorities are also strategically aligned to the Supporting People at Home programme and associated benefits.

Your bid will need to show how it supports at least one of these benefits:

  • Reduction in the number of emergency readmissions arising from complications for Long Term Conditions (LTCs) and comorbidities
  • Reduction in the number of unnecessary visits to care settings to receive periodical assessments of LTCs, emergency and outpatient care as the result of using digital technologies to manage a condition, which in turn prevents deterioration
  • Improved patient experience with more convenient access to advice, diagnosis and treatment
  • Improved management of LTC as the result of patients being supported through digital technologies to manage their condition at home
  • Improved health outcomes as the result of patients with LTC adopting remote monitoring solutions and successfully self-managing their condition
  • Increased capacity in primary and secondary care through improved referral management and quality with primary care (reducing volume requiring attendance)

All applicants must review the checklist at the beginning of the application form to ensure they understand the expectations of the programme and associated funding.

How much funding can I apply for?

Applications from interested ICSs open on 4 July and are to be submitted by the closing date of 31 July by email to ICS applicants can apply for up to a maximum of £200,000.

Data and reporting metrics

Baseline items (collected once):

  • Number of people on the Asthma register in the ICS
  • Number of people expected to be supported with the proposal
  • Number of ED Asthma exacerbation attendances in the ICS for previous 12 months
  • Number of Short-Acting Beta Agonist (SABA) inhalers prescribed in the year prior to digital innovation
  • Number of DNA/cancelled annual review appointments for previous 12 months

Data items (collected monthly):

  • Number of patients seen for annual review and/or provided with digital self-management tools
  • Number of healthcare settings covered by the project by type
  • Number of DNA/cancelled annual review appointments
  • Number of Asthma exacerbation ED attendances in the ICS
  • Number of patients who opt out of the digital pathway
  • Patient experience feedback
  • Change to inhaler prescription as a result of digital innovation
  • Number of oral corticosteroid (OCS) bursts
  • Any other data items which support the benefits outlined above

Longer-view items (collected once):

  • Number of Short-Acting Beta Agonist (SABA) inhalers prescribed in the year following annual review using the digital innovation
  • Patient and provider satisfaction
  • Decreased carbon emissions (fits with Greener NHS agenda)
  • Decrease in exacerbations that require emergency intervention