Transformation Directorate


The National Health and Social Care Discharge Taskforce brings together partners from across health and social care to focus on opportunities to improve discharge.

In particular, the taskforce aims to improve the outcomes for patients who no longer meet the ‘criteria to reside’ so they can be discharged from hospital, cared for in more appropriate settings, and to release much-needed capacity within acute providers.

The 100-day challenge approach

To support this, we are launching a ‘100-day challenge’ and asking you, across your systems and with our support, to adopt the above processes, which we know can make a significant difference in facilitating discharge and improving care for patients.​

The aim of the 100-day challenge is to improve the current position around discharge and ensure that we are in the best possible position ahead of winter. By 30 September 2022 – which will be 100 days on from our ‘soft launch’ event on 23 June – we ask that all trusts and systems have:

  • a full understanding of the 10 interventions and the associated tiered support offer available from NHS England to assist with implementation
  • infrastructure in place to focus on the implementation of the 10 initiatives.

The 100-day challenge will lead to recommendations for the ongoing improvement, support and monitoring that systems may need around discharge going forwards.