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The importance of trust leadership teams in the digital transformation

The importance of trust leadership teams in the digital transformation

Ayesha Rahim, Chief Clinical Information Officer at Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust, explains why clinicians and clinical leaders are integral to achieving "What Good Looks Like" for digital transformation.

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The importance of trust leadership teams in digital transformation.

Ayesha Rahim:

"I'm really conscious of the fact that in order to really make sure that we achieve the ambitions that are set out in "What Good Looks Like" we get the most senior part of our organisations on board with this, and that includes essentially our trust board.

"I'm really lucky, I work in an organisation where we have really good senior support. Our chief exec is really fantastically encouraging about digital transformation. And I have been allowed to build up my clinical informatics scene within the organisation and it's really allowed us to progress in terms of our digital transformation within the organisation to improve those services for patients.

"But we can't lose sight of the fact that with all of the new developments that we make, we also have to invest in the foundation layer so we need to make sure that staff have the right kit, that our connectivity is good, that we have really good infrastructure to support all of this, because although it's not the interesting bit, without it, we're not going to get anywhere."