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We are keen to hear from everyone who is affected by the technology we use in health and care, from patients to technologists and innovators to carers to clinicians.

Engaging with digital health innovators

We run monthly surgeries for digital innovators to meet with members of our digital innovation team. These surgeries provide us with the opportunity to learn more about you and your product, and for you to ask us for advice on issues, such as scaling within the NHS. If you would like to register for a surgery, please fill in thisĀ innovator application form.

Digital innovators reports

In October 2019 we published the first Listening to innovators report. It contained five priority themes identified by technology companies that would improve the adoption of digital innovation within the NHS, and work that was underway to address these themes.

Since then we have seen unprecedented change in the way that healthcare is delivered by the NHS. In the summer of 2021, we went back to the technology companies to ask what the barriers and priorities are, following a turbulent 15 months. This second Listening to innovators report picks out five themes that innovators have highlighted over the course of the pandemic and how we are addressing them.

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This bulletin is for anyone who wants to learn more about how we can work together to improve, digitalise and transform NHS and care services. The bulletin is sent out in the middle of every month.

Your feedback on the use of artificial intelligence

The NHS AI Lab is working to accelerate the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that will support better health and care. We are keen to engage with the people developing and using AI, as well as members of the public potentially benefitting from it.

We need sites to support trialling new technologies, contributors who can help increase our medical image databases and people who can provide feedback as we develop new plans for the use of AI in the future.


Find out about the different ways you can get involved with the NHS AI Lab.

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If you have something to say, there are several ways you can contact us.