NHS England - Transformation Directorate

Analytics as a Profession

Data and analytics have a vital role to play in delivering high quality care. To meet this opportunity we need a workforce that is enabled to find and deliver these insights.

We want to provide leadership to analysts that are working in the system, raise data analysis up the health and care system agenda and bring analysts together to share ideas.

We are working with Health Education England, the Health Foundation, the Association of Professional Healthcare Analysts (AphA) and other key partners to build a programme of work that will support analysts and strengthen analytics as a profession.

We have recently completed a crucial piece of discovery work exploring the potential for nationally curated competency frameworks to define the health and care analyst profession, attract new talent and support career development. We intend to develop and test a set of competency frameworks (an alpha) over the summer.

We will soon launch a new “Analyst X Observatory" - a significant ongoing research and engagement initiative that will give us deeper insights into the shape, size and needs of the existing health and care analytical workforce.

We will keep this page updated with developments, but in the meantime please join our analytics community “Analyst X” (you will need to register to access this platform first) or see our resources section for tools, programmes and information designed to support analysts.

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