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Upfront tech funding to achieve better value for money

Upfront tech funding to achieve better value for money

Richard Mitchell, chief executive at Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, explains why upfront tech funding will ensure we design tech solutions that work best for patients and are best value for money.

Video transcript

Upfront tech funding to achieve better value for money.

Richard Mitchell:

"It's clear that knowing further in advance about the amount of money we have available and when we're going to be receiving it can only make things easier for us and for the partner organisations that we work with.

"Having that certainty up front means that we can work with our partners to really understand the needs of our colleagues and our patients and to ensure we are able to design the solutions that will work for them without worrying about having to spend money at short notice.

"I also think knowing in advance about the money that will be available, that will enable us to be spending the money more effectively and provide better value for money as we can test our commercial approach.

"Sherwood, the organisation I work in, is committed to providing outstanding care to patients, but also working within the financial parameters that are available to us.

"And I believe knowing in advance the money that we have will enable us to deliver more effectively on those dual aims."