NHS England - Transformation Directorate

EU DCC (European Union Digital COVID Certificate)

Updated 1 March 2022

Your NHS COVID Pass can now be scanned to verify your COVID-19 vaccination status across venues and events in over 60 countries.

The UK linked with the EU Gateway on 1 November. This arrangement enables mutual verification of COVID-19 certificates (by scanning the 2D barcode) to facilitate inbound and outbound travel in line with respective entry requirements.

Previously, most EU countries accepted UK certificates, including the NHS COVID Pass for residents of England, Wales and the Isle of Man, but only a few were able to scan.

This agreement will now allow the UK and all EU member states to scan their respective citizens’ COVID vaccination status using the EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC). It will make it easier for UK citizens to get into museums, restaurants and other venues requiring proof of vaccination across the EU and nearly 35 other countries.