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How we are assessing COVID-19 apps

Countless innovators both inside the NHS and in the healthtech sector have been working hard to develop new mobile products and digital health technologies that can help in respons…

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NHSX’s offer to support secondary care

Over recent weeks there has been a staggering amount of work done to prepare the NHS for the COVID-19 pandemic. I know significant effort continues to ensure our hospitals are as p…

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The power of data in a pandemic

The NHS is facing an unprecedented challenge. Responding to the Covid-19 crisis will require everything we have and more. In the fight against this pandemic, decision-makers will n…

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Rollout of video consultation across general practice

In response to Coronavirus (COVID-19), it’s essential to reduce face-to-face contact to protect patients and staff and to minimise the risk of infection. Also as most people are no…

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