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Evaluating AI in health and care is essential

We recently announced the winners of the 2020 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Award. In partnership with the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) and the National Institute for Heal…

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The NHS AI Lab - one year on

The NHS Artificial Intelligence Lab was established to ensure the NHS and social care system can benefit from the advances in Artificial Intelligence. But when the NHS AI Lab was a…

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The power of data in a pandemic

The NHS is facing an unprecedented challenge. Responding to the Covid-19 crisis will require everything we have and more. In the fight against this pandemic, decision-makers will n…

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Regulating AI in Health and care

Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds enormous potential for the NHS, if we can use it right.  It can reduce the burden on the system by taking on the tasks that can be converted into…

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