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AI strategy resources

A list of the documents, reports and videos that have helped to inform the development of our draft National Strategy for AI in Health and Care

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Papers and reports

  • AI Council roadmap

    An independent report, carried out by the AI Council, providing recommendations to help the government's strategic direction on AI.

  • Office for AI National Strategy

    A new plan to make the UK a global centre for the development, commercialisation and adoption of responsible AI will be published this year, the government has announced.

  • A year in the life of the NHS AI lab

    Read a review of the progress of the NHS AI Lab during 2020. Find out what the Lab has achieved and the work in progress for AI in health and social care.

  • Creating an international approach together

    This paper outlines a unique opportunity for the international community to come together to develop harmonised, interoperable policies for the use of AI in healthcare (PDF 4MB)

  • AI: How to get it right

    A 2019 report about the uses of AI and the policy work needed to ensure that it is safe, effective and ethical.


NHSX AI Strategy fireside chat

Dr Indra Joshi, Director of AI, and Leanne Summers, Head of AI Strategy, discuss the development of a National Strategy for AI in Health and Care

London Tech Week keynote 2021

Dr Indra Joshi addresses the AI Summit about using AI to enable a learning health and social care system

AI TV: AI Strategy planning

Dr Indra Joshi, Director of AI, and Kassandra Karpathakis, former Head of AI Strategy, explore the future for AI in health and social care