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Working with you

The NHS AI Lab Skunkworks is a team of data scientists, engineers and project leaders providing free short-term expertise and resources to public sector health and social care organisations to support AI projects and develop capability.

How we work

The NHS AI Lab Skunkworks runs short-term projects to investigate the use of AI for improving efficiency and accuracy in health and care.

The Skunkworks' vision is that organisations in the health and care system will be able, through practical experience, to understand, build, buy, deploy, support, and challenge AI solutions.

Health and care organisations can develop their AI understanding and capabilities with us through short-term AI projects and our series of capability workshops.

We run projects in three ways:

1. Providing you with Skunkworks team expertise

Using our internal team of data scientists and data / technology leads, we run small agile projects that may involve one-to-one coaching in the use of python and machine learning frameworks, or data discoveries to help assess whether the data your organisation possesses is suitable for an AI approach.

2. Setting up 12-week supplier-led projects

Partnering with the Home Office's Accelerated Capability Environment (ACE), we are able to sponsor 12-week agile projects using a pool of cutting edge AI suppliers.

Health and care organisations can submit their proposed AI problem, and we will work with ACE to select and manage a supplier to deliver an AI proof of concept.

These projects culminate with:

  • working code, published under an Open Source licence on Github
  • a technical report, detailing methodology and findings.

3. Offering you a series of workshops on AI

The AI Skunkworks deep dive workshops are designed to increase confidence and trust in the use of AI, and develop NHS capability for implementing AI-driven technologies.

The series of interactive workshops are aimed at anyone in an NHS organisation who is interested in improving their AI skills and experience - from clinicians and technology teams to operations units and senior stakeholders.

The sessions cover topics from AI fundamentals to launching an AI experiment, using real-world problem examples.


How to get involved

We are always keen to hear about data-focussed problems that AI could solve.

Further information

Read about more of our Skunkworks projects.

Access technical reports and open-source code from previous projects on our Github pages.